Previous Restorations on 70's Vehicles

Assorted 70's vehicles:
asstd_01 asstd_02 asstd_03 asstd_04 asstd_05 asstd_06 asstd_07
asstd_08 asstd_09 asstd_10 asstd_11 asstd_12 asstd_13 asstd_14
ALL 6 pics of the 74 Dodge 1/2 ton are the SAME truck!

'70 Dodge Charger RT SE:
db70charger_01 db70charger_02 db70charger_03 db70charger_04 db70charger_05 db70charger_06
db70charger_07 db70charger_08 db70charger_09 db70charger_10 db70charger_11 db70charger_12
(Body & Paint job only - owner to assemble)

'72 Chev K10 4X4:
sb72k10_01 sb72k10_02 sb72k10_03 sb72k10_04 sb72k10_05

'74 Plymouth Barracuda:
sb74cuda_01 sb74cuda_02 sb74cuda_03 sb74cuda_04 sb74cuda_05 sb74cuda_06 sb74cuda_07 sb74cuda_08

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